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Photographing An Elk And More

Hmmm, about twelve years ago when we moved from Illinois to the west I was excited to be so close to some of the greatest national parks in the world. I figured all I had to do is show up early in the morning in Yellowstone, Grand Teton or Rocky Mountain National Park and I would experience a smorgasbord of animals doing all sorts of wonderful things. Heck, there would be bison running, herds of bison forging rivers. Bears would snarl, wolves would howl and run. Moose would be drinking from a river, and elk prancing about. Eagles would be soaring high and of course antelope would roam. I could not wait to witness animals chasing each other. So on and so on. Well, on very rare occasions I did experience some fantastic action scenes. But mostly, no matter what time of the day it was, I watched elk slumber or eat grass. Most of the time when watching a herd of elk they seemed to want to show their butts to me. Or they …

Electrical Filling Station

The photograph was captured September 18th 2013 in the parking lot of the Children’s Museum in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I took it while I was taking a little photo-walk with Nikon’s 1 V1 camera.  It is just a snapshot but I love the picture.  I love the lines of the objects and the photo is asking me a question:  Is this future reality, or just a fantasy by some that will never come to be?  Only time will tell. Hope you like the photo. – CLG  

V1 Street Photography and Video

Saturday I was down in Boulder, Colorado. It wasn’t a great day as far as photography goes but I did get a chance to test my new Nikon 1 V1 doing street photography. Because of it’s small size and exceptionally fast focusing it passed with flying colors. A big plus with this camera is that while shooting video you can also snap off still photos. Unfortunately, photographing while videoing the images are saved as JPG’s. I wish the stills could be saved as RAW files. With the V1 you can shoot in Raw when in any of the other V1’s photo modes. I guess you can’t have everything. The photo of the deer was taken from inside my car. I was driving along when I caught sigh of the deer at the side of the road. Usually when I stop the car in front of a wild animal it spooks the animal into running away. I never get a chance to press the shutter button. With the V1, I just pointed the camera and snapped …