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Electrical Filling Station

The photograph was captured September 18th 2013 in the parking lot of the Children’s Museum in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I took it while I was taking a little photo-walk with Nikon’s 1 V1 camera.  It is just a snapshot but I love the picture.  I love the lines of the objects and the photo is asking me a question:  Is this future reality, or just a fantasy by some that will never come to be?  Only time will tell. Hope you like the photo. – CLG  

V1 Street Photography and Video

Saturday I was down in Boulder, Colorado. It wasn’t a great day as far as photography goes but I did get a chance to test my new Nikon 1 V1 doing street photography. Because of it’s small size and exceptionally fast focusing it passed with flying colors. A big plus with this camera is that while shooting video you can also snap off still photos. Unfortunately, photographing while videoing the images are saved as JPG’s. I wish the stills could be saved as RAW files. With the V1 you can shoot in Raw when in any of the other V1’s photo modes. I guess you can’t have everything. The photo of the deer was taken from inside my car. I was driving along when I caught sigh of the deer at the side of the road. Usually when I stop the car in front of a wild animal it spooks the animal into running away. I never get a chance to press the shutter button. With the V1, I just pointed the camera and snapped …