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Photographing An Elk And More

Hmmm, about twelve years ago when we moved from Illinois to the west I was excited to be so close to some of the greatest national parks in the world. I figured all I had to do is show up early in the morning in Yellowstone, Grand Teton or Rocky Mountain National Park and I would experience a smorgasbord of animals doing all sorts of wonderful things. Heck, there would be bison running, herds of bison forging rivers. Bears would snarl, wolves would howl and run. Moose would be drinking from a river, and elk prancing about. Eagles would be soaring high and of course antelope would roam. I could not wait to witness animals chasing each other. So on and so on. Well, on very rare occasions I did experience some fantastic action scenes. But mostly, no matter what time of the day it was, I watched elk slumber or eat grass. Most of the time when watching a herd of elk they seemed to want to show their butts to me. Or they …

Me, My Camera, and the Night Sky

Before all the rain and flooding came to Colorado I had started working on one area of photography that I am very weak at.  That is night photography or photographing the night sky.  So a couple of times during September, at two o-clock in the morning, I dragged myself out of bed, grabbed my gear, started up the car and headed out in a direction that I felt would have the least amount of light pollution. Which meant I headed west.  Driving through Big Thompson Canyon at two o-clock in the morning was an adventure in itself.  There are sections of that canyon at that time of night that are so dark that you have no sense of what is around you.  In those sections it is pitch black all around you.  The darkness seems to envelop you and you can experience a feelings of being claustrophobic.  But if you pull over and get out of your car and look straight up you will see the night sky just above the canyon walls.  In studying …

Happy Jack Road

Just having a little fun and starting to learn Final Cut Pro. Put the Nikon D7000 on the dashboard, turned on video and drove down Happy Jack Road. Video was reduced with Final Cut Pro. I have a lot to learn. This will be deleted in a week. Then check back in about a month and see how much my video skills have improved. Lets hope a lot. LOL Double click on Video to make it larger.

Sometimes It Is Worth It

Some days you just don’t want to do photography. You don’t want to do your blog, you don’t want to clean up the house and being social is the last thing on your mind. All you want to do is lay in that bed, shut the world out and sleep. The “you” I am talking about is me.  There are mornings I wake up and I wonder why should I even try. Insecurity tells me that no matter how many times I press my finger on the shutter release of my Nikon nobody will appreciate the effort or the result.  Why should I waste my time climbing up a mountain just to sit there for an hour or two waiting for the light to be just right? Then the light will arrive and I will take the picture. Within minutes I might take a hundred snaps with different f-stops, various shutter speeds. I will under expose and over expose the photos. I will photograph the scene vertically and horizontally and then with all my gear …

Devils Tower

Devil’s Tower and a longhorn Sorry I have not posted in a while.  I have been traveling a lot and just could not find the time to update my blog. But I am back now so here I go again. This weekend my wife and I traveled over to the Devil’s Tower area. I took this photo for a client’s website. Unfortunately the camera was handheld so it is not very sharp. Also the horn on the longhorn has blown highlights. But since the photo will be really small for the web it will do. I waited half an hour hoping the longhorn would raise it’s head but he just kept eating. We arrive at Devil’s Tower at about seven A.M. the fog was so thick that you could not see the tower. By the time I got my equipment set up the fog had basically gone. I am kicking myself for not getting the equipment set up in a timely fashion to document the lifting of the fog. Then I would have had some …

Yellowstone in the Winter and Early Spring

Yellowstone in the Early Spring If you have not been to Yellowstone National Park in the winter or early spring you are missing something truly special.  While much of the park is still closed what remains open is magnificent.   In the winter and early spring there are few tourists so you can look out at all the vistas and commune with nature at your own leisure.  If peacefulness and relaxation is not your cup of teas there are many other activities to fulfill your day. Click here to check out West Yellowstone. – Craig L. Getchius

Shell Falls

Shell Falls is one of my favorite waterfalls in Wyoming.  I captured this photo last weekend while I was trekking around the Big Horn Mountains.  Since tourist season is basically over with for the most part during my trek I was alone.  The solitude had a humbling effect upon me.  Sometimes you look around at nature and you realize just how small you are in comparison. – CG