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  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

    A Couple Of Snapshots Sunday evening I was walking, in the rain, around Bloomington, Illinois, when I came upon this house. With Halloween just a couple of days away, I had to take a few snapshots. Here are the results. Hope you enjoy. It is a strange world out there. So be safe. Happy Halloween… Read more

  • Mind over Body, Success

    Mind over Body, Success

    Being old does not have a lot of plusses. The body slows down, memory falters, simple tasks now take effort, day time naps happen without realizing it, and on and on. Add having neurological issues makes just doing daily chores or getting out a challenge. With all that happening to me, I never thought that… Read more

  • Flowers in Black And White

    Flowers in Black And White

    Black and white photography has always fascinated me. I never tire of studying the works of Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Edward Weston, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Billy Brandt. Their monochrome images are full of emotion and a stark realism that color images never seem to capture. Just about every time I snap a photograph, I am… Read more

  • Clouds, A Quick Follow Up

    Clouds, A Quick Follow Up

    This is a quick follow up from my previous post about clouds As I mentioned previously I love photographing clouds. I especially enjoy creating monochrome prints of clouds. I feel like such photos are much more dramatic than color photos of clouds. Also I have discovered over many years that others seem to be drawn… Read more

  • Just For Fun: Time Lapse Video, Clouds And More

    Just For Fun: Time Lapse Video, Clouds And More

    Love Those Clouds I love watching clouds. For me, there is something relaxing about watching clouds of all types. Now that I am back in Illinois with its flat land, watching clouds is easy. Just go to the edge of town and look across the farmland or prairie. In Illinois, my favorite types of clouds… Read more

  • My Kodak Moments ( Casper, WY, 3/24/2012)

    My Kodak Moments ( Casper, WY, 3/24/2012)

    A Kodak Moment: a sentimental moment worth preserving with a photograph. When I was a child, Kodak had an advertising campaign wrapped around the words, “A Kodak Moment.” On television Kodak ran commercials that featured pics of family events, or cute babies that ended with the phrase, “A Kodak moment.” Watching one of those commercials… Read more