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“Walking Back”

Well, I have been on the road a lot as of late and a lot of time without internet service. I want to thank everyone for their messages, emails, comments and likes. Also enjoying hearing from all the Getchius across the country. Never realized there were so many of us. Hope to return to Fort Collins sometime next week. Then I promise to catch up with all my blogging friends. Till then here is my favorite photo that I captured at Great Sand Dunes National Park. I titled it “Walking Back.” Actually this one of my all time favorite photos by me. I’m getting a lot of interest in this photo. Already copyrighted it. I’m on the road and downloading it. Hope it look good. Thanks for being here. Yep I miss everyone. CLG

A two mile hike

When you visit Rocky Mountain National Park don’t just drive around in your car.  Get out and take a little hike.  If you take a little two mile hike chances are you are going to come across something truly spectacular.  If you get up early in the morning and start your hike, lets say before 7:00 AM, the chances are good it will just be you and mother nature.  My friends, if you do such a hike you will experience a happiness and tranquility that will continue to be part of you for many days afterwards. Yes, it is that easy to find fulfillment.  I know it sounds corny but it is true. – CLG

Okay Wife, Thank You

Over the yearsI have come to realize it is not easy being a photographer’s wife.  You see, us photographers, correction, I love to talk photography.  Of course it is my wife who gets to hear me spout off about f-stops shutters speeds, aperture settings, theory of thirds, composition and that all important subject, “the light”.  I can’t help myself as a nature photographer I spend a lot of time by myself wander the countryside.  So when she comes home from a long day of meetings and decision making she is forced to listen to my photographic rantings.  She smiles and acts interested but I can tell when her eyes gloss over that she really doesn’t understand what I am saying.  It is not that my wife is uninterested in my photography or not supportive of me, its just she doesn’t understand the nuances of photography.  She likes taking pictures with a point and shoot camera.  She enjoys tagging along when I go out into the field.  She just doesn’t want to live photography for twenty-four …

Lost in Colorado or a New Memorial Day Tradition

When we lived in Illinois our tradition for Memorial Day was to invite family and a few friends over for a good old fashion cookout.  My wife would make bake beans and potato salad and a couple of desserts and I would would have a beer or two while barbecuing anything from hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken to prime rib.  It was fun and looking back I have great memories of those times.  Then we moved out west and for whatever reason that tradition faded away.  Heck, while we are living at this condo we don’t even have a grill. So last Monday we were sitting in the condo trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the afternoon.  On some of my previous photo outing I had noticed that some wildflowers were beginning to bloom along the roadside.  I commented I thought it would be fun to test out my new D800 in macro mode and to photograph some wildflowers. The wife agreed. We filled up a couple of water bottles, I …

Well, Here Is The Special Announcement

C. L. Getchius Photography is relocating to the Fort Collins – Timnath area. Actual as of March 8 we have already started setting up shop in the Fort Collins area. Our plan is over the course of the next twelve months to have our final place of business and residency in the small but growing town of Timnath Colorado. While we we will miss our friends in Wyoming we can’t help but be excited about this move. April and I basically grew up in a college town and living in the Fort Collins area is kind of like going home. Only here in Fort Collins we have a great view of the Rocky Mountain. Yes, we will miss our Wyoming friends but hey you all know you can visit us any times. Also I will be continuing to make the Yellowstone treks so I am sure we will all get together at times. As a photographer this is a great location for me. I’m a half an hour from some of the greatest landscapes in …