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Sickness, Photography and Starting Over

I would like to say that around four months ago, before I got sick, that I was a great person and fantastic photographer. That would not be true. I was just getting by day by day. I would put off till tomorrow things that I could of gone out right then and accomplished. In my case too often tomorrow never came. I was a sixty-six year old man with a brain of a thirty year old. I thought I could accomplish about anything, all I had to do was put my mind to it and it would make it happen. But in reality I was loosing the will to do that. I also was a jerk, egotistical and I could go on and on cutting myself down but you get the general idea. The funny thing is most people didn’t see these negative attributes in me. But I was just getting by. With my photography I would make a dollar here and there. Just enough so I could call myself a professional. I had great …

Snapshots in Rocky Mountain National Park

This Fall I have not had the opportunity to spend much time in Rocky Mountain National Park. Yep, that is a bummer. Nevertheless I have manage to capture a couple of moments that will give the reader a sense of the beauty of the park this time of year. Hope you enjoy the photos. If you are curious the photo equipment I used for these shots is listed here: Cameras: Nikon D800, Nikon D5500 and the Fujifilm X-T1 Lens: Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm, Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm and the XF-35mm 2.0 Since I didn't have much time I elected not to use a tripod. All photos were taken handheld. Thank you for stopping by my blog. In the next couple of days I'll be doing a lot of photography in the Rocky Mountain National Park Area. Hope to have some keepers that I will be able to share on this blog. Photographer: Craig Getchius

Back in the blog biz

After a long time of neglecting my blog I’m back at it. A lot has been happening in my photographic life and I am rather mad at myself for not sharing with the world my photographic experiences. Also, I have been contemplating the state of photography and hopefully will soon put those thoughts down for others to think over. For now though saying I’m back and giving a brief glimpse into what I have been doing will just have to do. Also it should be noted I’m trying a new workflow with my blog. I’m using the App Ulysses to write this and from within the app I can post directly to my blog. If this works it sure is going to be nice. Here is the link to Ulysses: Just got back from Ireland. Which of course was a total blast. Told you a lot has been going on in my life.  I traveled light, leaving all my Nikon gear at home and traveling just with my Fujifilm cameras. Don’t get me wrong …