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Photo From A Moving Car (Photo 1)

Well, have you ever been a passenger in a car and while riding along you felt total boredom. Yep, recently that happened to me. So I grabbed my Nikon D500, rolled down the window and started shooting at various shutter speeds. The slower the shutter speed the more sense of movement is shown in the photo. Yet when the shadow of your car is captured in the photo it is relatively sharp in comparison to the rest of the photo. This is panning in reverse instead of moving the camera, your camera is still yet moving at the same speed as the car. You can create a lot of cool effects doing this. Both the photo above and below where taken from a moving car with the camera’s shutter speed at 1/8 of a second. The car was moving much faster in the black and white photo in comparison to the color photo. Give it a try sometime, it is fun.

Practicing “Nature’s Abstracts and Reflections”

Well, with all the flood damage that has occurred to our roads and communities in Colorado I have been staying pretty close to home in Fort Collins.  What is so great about Larimer County and the Fort Collins area is all the open spaces.  Yep, there are plenty of places to get away from people and just walk.  In doing so I have returned to a project I have been working on for sometime.  The project ‘s names is “Nature’s Abstracts and Reflections”. It is my hope that in about a year to actually have an exhibit of photos from my collection of “Nature’s Abstracts and Reflections”  In doing such a project you end up experimenting a lot.  Photographically and in post processioning I end up going in all sorts of different directions.  Which means over the years I have created a lot of ugly captures and way to many “so so” photographs.  Yep there is a lot of deleting when I attempt to create such photos.  There is also a lot of photographs that …