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2021 Time To Get Going

2020 is behind us. I doubt it is an overstatement to say we are all glad it is now a memory. I have been sitting around way too much. It is time to venture out into the world and discover all that it has to offer. Oh, April and I will be safe. We are not stupid. But hey, enough is enough. I am tired of feeling old. Trying to stay active while most of the time being surrounded by the same old walls is not really good for a person my age and health. Each day is a new day and if I let it it will be full of new discoveries and new possibilities. To motivate myself I have started to putting together a portfolio website. Just a website of some of my favorite photographs. Each month on this portfolio website we will have a whole new collection of photos. Hopefully they will be quality photographs of what April and I experienced the month before. There will not be any words describing the …

New Mexico – Desert and History!

Well…she’s baaack! I have been remiss in preparing a blog – I think the whole quarantine has created a malaise that makes it hard to stay motivated, but I’m back! I’m going to retrace my steps, so to speak. As for all of us, the whole lockdown due to COVID-19 has been wearing and our options for things to do somewhat limited. As the restrictions begin to lift, we are hoping we can begin to get out and about and explore the beautiful country safely. This may turn into more of a travel blog than a photography blog, but should be fun nonetheless, especially as Craig expands my photography lessons. I’m sure there will be plenty to laugh about! So in the spirit of retracing my steps, I’ll revisit a trip we took before all the isolation and lockdowns. Before the COVID-19 hit, we wanted to get away from the cold weather here in Colorado. We got in the car and headed south to New Mexico as I noted in the last blog. Well, that …

Yes, Snow in Colorado

April and I took a little drive To Rocky Mountain National Park today. Here is a little video, using a Go Pro and the Nikon Z6. It was quickly edited in Adobe Rush on the iPad. Ok, below is the proof that we are actually having snow in Colorado on September 9, 2020. I think it is safe to say 2020 has been a strange year. CLG &ADG