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Me, My Camera, and the Night Sky

Before all the rain and flooding came to Colorado I had started working on one area of photography that I am very weak at.  That is night photography or photographing the night sky.  So a couple of times during September, at two o-clock in the morning, I dragged myself out of bed, grabbed my gear, started up the car and headed out in a direction that I felt would have the least amount of light pollution. Which meant I headed west.  Driving through Big Thompson Canyon at two o-clock in the morning was an adventure in itself.  There are sections of that canyon at that time of night that are so dark that you have no sense of what is around you.  In those sections it is pitch black all around you.  The darkness seems to envelop you and you can experience a feelings of being claustrophobic.  But if you pull over and get out of your car and look straight up you will see the night sky just above the canyon walls.  In studying …

It’s Spring and I See Green

When people think about nature photography in the Spring they think of photos of newly bloomed flowers, sprouting leaves on bushes and trees and plush green grass.  Actual in the mountain areas most of spring is about snow storms, hail, rain, brown valleys and bushes that look like they are dead and will never come back to life.  In the Rocky Mountains there are only a few weeks of what we imagine Spring to be. This Spring in Colorado we have had our share of snow storms, hail and basically bad weather. Yet we can’t complain.  We desperately need the moisture to restore normal conditions in our lakes, rivers, streams and reservoirs.  Thank God that has happened.  Now thankfully because of all those storms, nature’s green is beginning to appear in the canyons and mountains throughout Colorado.  There are even a few flowers blooming on mountain sides and slowly but surely those ugly branches on bushes are beginning to show signs of life.  This is a great time of year to be a nature photographer. …

February 2010

Well February has finally arrived. In the past outside of the fact that February is the month I was born I never had much positive to say about the month. When I lived in Illinois my outlook on the month of February was I hoped it would hurry up and get over with.  Everywhere you looked the snow was dirty and grey.  Even if there was no snow on the ground the sky always seemed filled with grey clouds that never want to go away. Because of ice patches scattered here and there it was dangerous to walk around.  People would be constantly walking around with the sniffles and it was only a matter of time before I would catch a cold or even worse, the dreaded flu. The only good thing about February in the Midwest was that it only consisted of twenty-eight days (Except for leap year when unfortunately we added a day) and that the month of March followed it. At least the month of March brings with it the hope of springtime …

Another Photo from Rocky Mountain National Park

Here is a photo from Rocky Mountain National Park that I have never been able to figure out what to do with.  The greens in the photo is kind of unusual for the park. I think the light is kind of interesting and I like the clouds.  The photo breaks the photographic rule of thirds.  But I like it.  I still think this could be a special photo if I figure out the proper way to print it and tweak the post processing. It does look a lot better when you see it big such as ten and a half by sixteen. Also it is a lot sharper than what is appearing on the blog. Still have to figure out the proper sharpening for this blog. I hope you like it. – CG

Autumn in Rocky Mountain National Park

Since we have moved to Wyoming every fall my wife (April) and I take time to drive down to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. She has fallen in love with the park and her favorite time to visit is in the fall. Here are a few examples of why she has become so enamored with the park. Next fall we are going to spend more than a day or two at the park so I can finally really capture the beauty of the season in the park. Till then I hope you enjoy these three photos. When time permits I will upload more. April, this is for you.- CG