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Photographing the Mundane

We all love beautiful scenic photos, inspiring sports photography, fashion photos and dramatic news photos but sometimes photographing the ordinary will keep food on the table for a photographer. Here are three simple photos of piano keys that can be used for a variety of purposes. We have all seen photos like these at music spots. Stock agencies love photos of simple subjects. Note: usually a stock agency will not accept photos that show a brand name.  One would have to Photoshop out the “Boston” logo that is visible in the third photo. You could keep that area blank or come up with your own logo. Creative logos can sometime really give emotion to a photograph. These photos also can be used in video. They especially look interesting when the video pans the photos. Photos like these are also fantastic for photo collages. The possibilities for such ordinary photographs are endless. And they are so easy to capture.  All three photos were taken with available light and then some simple creative post processing. They were …

Eldorado Canyon State Park

After five years living in Wyoming I am finally getting to really explore Colorado. Last weekend was beautiful, full of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-sixties. So my wife and I found our way to Eldorado Canyon State Park.  The snow was melting which made for muddy conditions when walking around. But the snowmelt had brought to life the small waterfalls and cascades that flowed throughout the park. I discovered over the winter just how much I had gotten myself out of shape. My bones were stiff and climbing around on slippery rocks with a tripod was an adventure. I am sticking to the story that all this stiffness in my body is a result of not enough winter activity and not because of my sixty years of age. If  your thing is watching people scale canyon walls then you should check this park out. There were rock climbers everywhere and they really made me ashamed of my current physical shape. I am going to take those pounds off in the next two weeks. Sorry, …

Happy Jack Road

Just having a little fun and starting to learn Final Cut Pro. Put the Nikon D7000 on the dashboard, turned on video and drove down Happy Jack Road. Video was reduced with Final Cut Pro. I have a lot to learn. This will be deleted in a week. Then check back in about a month and see how much my video skills have improved. Lets hope a lot. LOL Double click on Video to make it larger.