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Yes, Snow in Colorado

April and I took a little drive To Rocky Mountain National Park today. Here is a little video, using a Go Pro and the Nikon Z6. It was quickly edited in Adobe Rush on the iPad. Ok, below is the proof that we are actually having snow in Colorado on September 9, 2020. I think it is safe to say 2020 has been a strange year. CLG &ADG

Watching her learn is fun

My wife has slowly been learning how to video. Here is a link to an example of her work in progress at White Sands National Park. The video is raw and some of the video was captured with a dirty sensor. When I have time I am going to have to remove those sensor spots. That is not as easy in video as it is with digital photographs. Still, the video is rather enjoyable to watch. I have to admit I have really enjoyed watching her learn how to video. Both my wife and I are not exactly young in age. Yet, in so many ways we are still young at heart. Learning new things helps keep life interesting. Also being around someone who is enjoying experiencing new ways of looking at life is enriching to me. Getting out, though not around other people, sure has made life easier during the pandemic. I am so lucky to have a love one around me during these trying times. CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO Notes: All the …

April’s First Blog

New April Blogging Being a nature photographer takes patience, perseverance, and talent. Except for the talent part, these also apply to the spouse of a nature photographer! My name is April Getchius and I’m married to Craig Getchius, a photographer. Traveling with him to some of the most beautiful places is the best part of my “job”. I act as his “mule” helping him carry equipment, running back to the car for a filter or a lens. We often joke that he really knows how to show me a good time! There are times when we sit for periods waiting for the light to change, waiting for animals to appear, or waiting for the time lapse to finish. Yet, somehow, these times, which some would say are boring, often provide some of the best memories for me. With the self-isolation we are all experiencing now, Craig has resurrected his CLG Photography Blog and I’m going to contribute now and then. It may provide a slightly different perspective and a bit of recognition for the significant …