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Yep, I’m Still Alive and Kicking

A whole bunch of stuff has been happening that has kept me away from here. More about that another time. With a little luck, I’ll be doing a better job of keeping this blog up to date. On the positive side, I’ve lost over twenty pounds. There is a blogger that follows me and I follower her that will be very happy about that. While this has always been a photography blog now it will be also a video blog. Like before I’m not going to lecture people on what is the best equipment. I’ll just let you know what is happening to me and maybe you can get a couple of ideas on how to do and/or improve your videoing. Heck, maybe you can give me advice.  I still have a long ways to go before I’m considered an expert. Now when I do a photo shoot, besides shooting in what we consider the normal photo size, I also snap photos in the video format, 16 by 9.  That cuts down on editing.  Also I know exactly how the photo will look in the video. The photo attached is an example.

Note: I’m doing this from my iPad with a new App. I’ll probably have to clean it up later. Have a little patience with me. – Craig Getchius

“Walking Back”

Well, I have been on the road a lot as of late and a lot of time without internet service. I want to thank everyone for their messages, emails, comments and likes. Also enjoying hearing from all the Getchius across the country. Never realized there were so many of us. Hope to return to Fort Collins sometime next week. Then I promise to catch up with all my blogging friends.

Till then here is my favorite photo that I captured at Great Sand Dunes National Park. I titled it “Walking Back.” Actually this one of my all time favorite photos by me. I’m getting a lot of interest in this photo. Already copyrighted it. I’m on the road and downloading it. Hope it look good. Thanks for being here. Yep I miss everyone. CLG

Capture from Great Sand Dunes National Park

Capture from Great Sand Dunes National Park

We are getting some awesome photos here. Can’t wait to get back to Fort Collins and process them. This was post processed on location so am not sure exactly how well it will look. I will post the final version in a week or two. Internet is sparse in this location so will catch up with everyone in a day or two. CLG

View From The Devil’s Backbone

View From Devil's BackboneI took this little photo near the trailhead called Devil’s Backbone, just west of Loveland, Colorado.  This trail is a part of the trail system and open spaces in Colorado.  I love Colorado’s open spaces.  You can find open space inside town, just outside town, in the foothills and in the mountains.  This is great for photographers of all kinds. These open spaces are great for landscape photography, outdoor portraits and for photographing sports such as mountain biking.

Sometimes taking landscape photos can be very lonely.  That is not true when you are out on these Colorado trails. People you come across on the trails are usually very friendly and full of information.  Such people have really be helpful to a newbie like me.

The one thing that has surprised me on these trails in the county and city are the number of elderly women walking the trails by themselves.  They always seem to have a smile on their face.  What is a little scary is when I engage them in conversation I usually discover that their husbands have passed on.  Since most of these women are like in their early seventies it concerns me that their husbands if still alive would most likely just be ten or less years older than me.  I don’t like that. It just does’t seem possible that I have reached such an age.

Anyway, I love this photo.  I hope that my love of this photograph is because of the composition and not for the fact that on the day it was capture I was having a blast.  You see I was using my new camera, the Fujifilm X-E1 and quickly falling in love with it. Note, I am note recommending it to others. It is just that the X-E1 is a perfect fit with my other cameras and for the type of work that I do. Also, on that day I was enjoying all the great conversations I was having with fellow hikers.  It was a perfect day.  I had a fun camera, the weather was perfect, the surrounding scenery was awesome, the clouds were interesting and the conversations with hikers were fun and interesting.  So are those memories the reason I love this photo or is the photo itself interesting?   Well I guess the public will make that decision.  CLG

A Little Time Lapse Video From RMNP

The wind was really blowing on this day.  This was of course taken in Rocky Mountain National Park.   It is an eight second time-lapse video.  It took approximately twelve minutes to capture.  It was cold, really cold out there that day.  Fearing the camera would tip over because of the wind I had to stand by it while it captured the photos.  To keep warm during that twelve minutes I either ran in place or jumped up and down.  The elk must have thought I was crazy.  Sadly, it won’t be the last time they think that. Photographers are a little insane.  Even with the cold it is really fun to make these sort of videos.  The camera was  Nikon D800.  All processing was accomplished by the camera.  Sometime in the future I’m going to edit it in Final Cut pro and slow the video down just a little so that it is smoother.  Until then this is it.  Hope you enjoy!  CLG

Holidays Over, Sickness Gone (well almost)

It’s been awhile since I last blogged.  I wish I could say that this lack of blogging was because of my photography but that was not the case.

First there was the drive to Houston Texas for Christmas.  Because of the the weather the wife and I found ourselves stuck in Kansas for an extra day.  Finally, even with a foot of snow on the highway we were able to continue to our destination.  It was well worth the drive to spend quality time with the family.  Driving home was uneventful. Once we arrived back in Fort Collins I came down with a sinus infection from hell that was followed up by an abscessed tooth.  Life can be better.

What was frustrating about all this is that I had really hit my stride when it came to photography.  I had gotten out the old photobooks of some of the masters and that inspired me.  Looking at the photos of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Bill Brandt rekindled in me my love for the actual process of photography.  I realized so often I would use photoshop to make an average snapshot into something more.  Photoshop is great but sometimes we (I) abuse it.  More about that another time.

Note:  Viewing photos on the internet is find and dandy but to really appreciate these photographers you need to see there work as they originally intend to be seen.  One of my favorite books is “Edward Weston  125 Photographs”.  Beside showcasing the photography of Weston the book is also full of many of his quotes about the photo session and/or subject matter.  Personally I think it is a must for those serious about photography.

Anyway, just before Christmas with the inspiration of the masters inside of me I found myself once again in the early morning, with camera and tripod at Rocky Mountain National Park.  The light was perfect,  the clouds were fair, the wind was blowing, the temperatures well below freezing.  I was shooting everything in sight.  Using every angle possible.  I had an excitement and anticipation running throughout my body that only photographers would understand.

Because of the holidays and sickness I have yet to complete all my post processing but here are a few photos from that day. Note: all the photos were shot with the Nikon D800.  I love that camera for landscapes.- CLG


So far this is one of my favorites from that morning. – CLG


This is kind of an ordinary photo but is perfect for a project that I am working on. – CLG


When I took this photo tourist were beginning to enter the park.  People would stop and look at me crawling around on the ground with my camera trying to find the perfect angle.  I don’t know if i will keep this photo or not but it has sentimental value for me. You see every time I look at the image I reflect on the faces of the tourist as they watched me.  I could tell they thought I was a little insane.  Hey, I’m trying to be a photographer so maybe they are correct with their evaluation of me. – CLG


A road in Rocky Mountain National Park. Thanks for visiting and for reading. – CLG

Downtown Fort Collins Early Morning (Winter)

Photo taken around 6:00 A.M.

Photo taken around 6:00 A.M.

It was early morning December fourth.   The night before a small snowstorm had attacked Fort Collins.  The temperatures were dropping. An arctic cold front was coming in that would last for six days.

I arrived downtown a little after five in the morning. The snow was still falling and when I got out of the car within minutes my feet were frozen.  At first the only human life one could see in this area of Fort Collins were the guys driving the snowplows.  I could see them look out at me from the warmth within their cabs.  I was walking around with the Nikon D800, a couple of lens and flash in my bag and my forty year old  tripod slung over my shoulder.  When the plow drivers looked at me I could tell by their expressions that they thought I was crazy to be up and and out in such a storm.  They were probably correct.

The logic part of my brain said “Craig get back in that car, warm up and go home”.  The photographer in me said “gut it out and keep shooting”.  I kept shooting.

A little after six A.M. people started parking their cars and while bundled up warmly with shoulder bags over their shoulders they would would race to the coffee houses.  This photo of course is Starbucks.  If you saw the photo big you would see people drinking coffee and staring at their MacBooks.   I have processed the photo four different ways and have yet to decide which I like best.

Note: today, December tenth the arctic blast has finally moved on.  That is a good thing. – CLG

Electrical Filling Station

Will our current gas stations someday be replaced with this?

Will our current gas stations someday be replaced with this?

The photograph was captured September 18th 2013 in the parking lot of the Children’s Museum in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I took it while I was taking a little photo-walk with Nikon’s 1 V1 camera.  It is just a snapshot but I love the picture.  I love the lines of the objects and the photo is asking me a question:  Is this future reality, or just a fantasy by some that will never come to be?  Only time will tell.

Hope you like the photo. – CLG


Catching Up

Darn, between photo assignment, reorganizing my workflows and home repairs I haven’t had much time to blog or catch up on all the other bloggers out there.  I promise to do some catching up and do some serious reading over the weekend.

There is good news in my part of the world.  The road damage caused by the flooding is being repaired and now it only takes me a little over an hour to get to Estes Park.  I met a woman who lives in Big Thompson Canyon and she is able to get in and out at certain times of the day.  But the canyon is not open to the public.  That just might happen sometime in December.  Keep your fingers cross.

I also have been doing some Photoshop experimenting.  The two photos below are a result of my experimentation.  Yep, for you Photoshop gurus I used layers, masks and for one a blur effect.  I not sure if I like the photos because of the a process I created or because I feel they are interesting.  It usually takes me a week or so to decide if a photo is a keeper or not.


Fort Collins, Colorado Area


Same photo as previous without crop and blur effect.

Thanks for stopping by. – CLG

PS  I have edited this post three times now.  I give up. So pardon my grammatical errors. It is just one of those days.