Getchius, Nikon D500
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2021 Time To Get Going

2020 is behind us. I doubt it is an overstatement to say we are all glad it is now a memory. I have been sitting around way too much. It is time to venture out into the world and discover all that it has to offer. Oh, April and I will be safe. We are not stupid. But hey, enough is enough. I am tired of feeling old. Trying to stay active while most of the time being surrounded by the same old walls is not really good for a person my age and health.

Each day is a new day and if I let it it will be full of new discoveries and new possibilities. To motivate myself I have started to putting together a portfolio website. Just a website of some of my favorite photographs. Each month on this portfolio website we will have a whole new collection of photos. Hopefully they will be quality photographs of what April and I experienced the month before. There will not be any words describing the photographs. It will just be our photos for all to view and enjoy. It is time to get out and see the world.

I guess I should also say that while you can view and enjoy you cannot copy the photos and use them for your personal or professional life. Darn, it is sad that I have to type that. We all should respect each other’s endeavors. But the world is what it is. Anyway, click on Getchius Folio to view the website.

The equipment is all cleaned, the batteries are in the cameras and flashes are all charged, and the car has a full tank of gas. Time to document the world and just maybe snap a few photographs that will make 2021 the year I truly once again become proud of my photography.

Yep, time to stop gaining weight and to get going. Camera for video Nikon D500

Hopefully we all get jabbed soon and life will get back to normal. Have a great 2021. – CLG

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