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I love my scooter

Been Revamping My Life

If you wonder where I have gone and why I have not been posting as of late it’s because I got myself in a funk.

The virus, my age, caring about my wife kind of got me stagnant in life. Do not get me wrong, we have on occasions gotten out and about. Just not often. Also a couple of times each month we were able to do some fun photography. It’s just I got into this funk of what the heck, stuff can wait until tomorrow, then tomorrow, and tomorrow after that. You get the idea. It is called not caring and laziness. That was stupid on my part.

Now, I am going to stop talking about it and maybe in other posts explain a little further. Actually, some of it is kind of funny. Anyway, In starting to get back in the swing of things I came across a blog post that I had started and never finished. Here it is. Hmmm, after reading it I have the feeling I did post but in looking over past post I can’t find it. Aging is so much fun. That was written sarcastically.

My Scooter, My Wife, And Photography

I am a lucky guy. My wife has to put up with a lot of crazy photographic ideas that I come up. When I told her I wanted her to come outside and take pictures of my shadow while I rode my scooter up and down the street she rolled her eyes. I don’t think she really wanted to do this little photo project. She was probably thinking that “crazy Craig.” Of course she is good to me and a good sport and did it anyway.

I love my scooter. It is great for going around town taking snapshots. Riding around on a scooter with a Fuji camera slung over my shoulder feels really good. Photos that I have taken that way are for another time and another post. For today, here are some photos that the wife captured for this little photo project of mine. Thank you April.

Camera was the Fuji X-T1 with the Fuji lens FX35mm F2 R Wr attached. Just having fun with the camera. Photographer: The April D. Getchius

The photo shoot was fun and easy. Doing simple things with a camera and photographing the simple things can be rewarding. I even think April enjoyed herself. Note: over the last few years Fuji has followed up the X-T1 with the X-T2, the X-T3, and the X-T4. I now own a X-T3. My favorite of all those cameras is still the X-T1. There is something about that little camera that is a joy to use. It is still a great street photography camera. – CLG

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