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Watching her learn is fun

My wife has slowly been learning how to video. Here is a link to an example of her work in progress at White Sands National Park. The video is raw and some of the video was captured with a dirty sensor. When I have time I am going to have to remove those sensor spots. That is not as easy in video as it is with digital photographs. Still, the video is rather enjoyable to watch. I have to admit I have really enjoyed watching her learn how to video. Both my wife and I are not exactly young in age. Yet, in so many ways we are still young at heart. Learning new things helps keep life interesting. Also being around someone who is enjoying experiencing new ways of looking at life is enriching to me. Getting out, though not around other people, sure has made life easier during the pandemic. I am so lucky to have a love one around me during these trying times.


Notes: All the video clips were captured using either a Nikon Z6 or Nikon D850 cameras. The point of this learning exercise was to do the video and post processing as simple as possible. Therefore the time-lapse clips were process in camera. Post processing was accomplished on an iPad using the Adobe’s Rush App. In this case the editing and merging clips were rather simple and hurried. One could do the same edits with free Apps such as Apple’s Movies. Hope you enjoy. – CLG


  1. Sheila Dodd says

    Thanks for sharing Craig! I am happy you and April are enjoying retirement.

    • April Dean Getchius says

      Thanks, Sheila!! Hope you’re doing well and enjoying the grandkids!

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