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RAW and JEPG – Just A Friendly Reminder

Please note that I started creating this post over a year ago. That was before I got sick. Well, I came across it yesterday and started to delete it. Though it is incomplete I think it gives enough food for thought to those just starting photography to check out shooting RAW. For those who are homebound and have not used RAW before this might be the perfect time to play around with it.

I have a few friends that continue to snap images in the JPEG format. They think it is easier than shooting RAW and really don’t want to take the time to do any post processing. As a photographer it is hard for me to wrap my brain around their logic. In today’s photographic world it just doesn’t make sense.

When shooting JPEGs you are so limited in your ability to get the best photo possible. You are kind of stuck with what you shoot is what you get. When shooting in the RAW format, unless you severely overexpose your photo, the possibilities to improve your photo are numerous.

Below is a facsimile of the original RAW photo. It should be noted this is what a JPEG photo would look like from the camera. It is kind of nice but also rather bland. There is no detail in the trees. The sky is rather boring and throughout the photo detail is somewhat muted.

RMNP Orginal RAW Example Photo: Rocky Mountain National Park

Now after a little under one minute of post processing the RAW photo here is what you can get. Plus all these edits can be reversed and or changed and there is no damage to the original photo.

Rocky Mountian Park after Post ProcessingSame photo after post processing in Raw

Big difference between the two photos. Maybe the second photo is kind of over done. Nevertheless, you get the point and no, you couldn’t do the same thing if the original file had been a JPEG.

Just a few years ago shooting RAW could be time consuming and to have the proper software to use all the features of the RAW format could get expensive. That is not true today.

  1. Most SLR and Mirrorless cameras that have the ability to shoot RAW also has the ability to post process within the camera from RAW files to JPEG or TIFF files. Then saving both file formats.
  2. Most DSLR and Mirrorless cameras that have the ability to shoot RAW files also has the option to simultaneously save photos in the RAW and JPEG file format.
  3. At one time the only way to post process RAW files was to do it on a computer. Today most of our phones and tablets can import and view RAW files.
  4. Today you don’t need a computer to post process RAW files. Most phone and tablets have the ability to post process the RAW files. As an example you can do limited editing of RAW files in Apple’ Photos.
  5. On the iPhone and or the iPad there are numerous apps that you can purchase for a onetime fee that will do about everything and more than you will want to do with a RAW file. While I mostly use Adobe products, my favorite App in this regard is Affinity Photo. Price for Affinity Photo on iPad is $19.99. As I update this they have a special of 50% off, $9.99. Don’t know how long that will last. Nevertheless there are plenty of other apps available to process RAW files and for creative photography that get fantastic reviews.
  6. You can use your camera in your phone or tablet to shoot RAW. On the iPhone and iPad I use Adobe Lightroom to take pictures in the raw format. I have an Adobe subscription service. If not a professional that can get rather expensive. There are other apps out there that also allows you to use the iPhone camera or iPad camera to photograph in RAW that will be much less expensive. I haven’t used any of these and don’t know how good they are. I advise doing some research on these apps before purchasing.

If you are going to be shooting RAW and printing large photographs it is still best to do so on a computer. It is much easier. For those who aren’t in need of 16 by 20 inch prints or larger you can get a lot accomplished with just your phone and tablet.

I haven’t taken the time to list all the reasons it is best to use the RAW file format in your camera. This is just to get you started thinking about the possibility of using RAW when you are photographing. To learn more do an internet search “Benefits of shooting RAW.” In doing so you will find a lot of useful information.

Stay Healthy. – CLG

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