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Not Doing Nothing

Not Doing Nothing

I must admit for awhile this pandemic kind of got me down. Sitting around the house all day and not getting out and about is not my idea of a good time. When my wife and I first started self isolation I let boredom control my life. That is easy to do. If you have nothing you have to do it is difficult to self-motivate.

My wife is kind of a “lets get this done now” sort of person. She was finding all sorts of things to do. Sewing, reading, exercising and cooking were just a few of her projects. I, on the other hand, just kind of daydreamed the day away while sitting on the couch.

After days of living like this and getting fatter as my wife cooked away a lightbulb went off in my head, enough is enough.  I started making daily ToDo list in the TicTic app and as I completed a ToDo and checked it off my list my brain started to reawaken. I started being happy again. Best of all I felt there was purpose to my life. Below is a typical daily list

  • Exercise
  • Take a walk
  • Email Sarah
  • Delete a hundred in Lightroom
  • Do a time-lapse of a flower
  • Write in my journal
  • Do something creative
  • Relearn iA writer and use it to blog

Just before the pandemic, eagles were spotted at a lake near home. So, when no one is around, I drive to the lake with my Nikon D500. Every time I do this I am determined to capture the best eagle photo I have ever taken. Of course the wildlife photographer’s curse of traveling to a location and your subject is not there has been the norm. Hey, I got a picture of a couple of birds. It is a start.

I also have been reviewing old slides and negatives from the time I first started photographing. Using the Nikon D850, a Nikkor 60mm macro lens and the Nikon ES-2 Film Digitizer Adapter I’m able to post process those old negative and slides into pretty good digital photos. Wow, the memories really do come flooding back. Here is an example of street photography from way too many years ago:

Finally, I have practiced some one light still life. To view an awesome still life photo of a pepper check out Edward Weston’s “Pepper No. 30, 1930.”  Here are a couple of mine:


Yes, I can do better. Nevertheless, I am now excited about life. It works for me. CLG

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