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Random Thoughts

I have taken a lot of landscape and nature photos and sold a few of those as prints. Nevertheless my stock collection of birds is really weak when it comes to eagles. So I have written down on my computer notes and in my notebook the following “MORE EAGLE PHOTOS”.

A few weeks back, driving in the car I saw on the side of the road an eagle sitting on top of a rather tall tree. I started to drive on when I remembered my note “MORE EAGLE PHOTOS.” So I turned the car around, parked it, and tried to get a good photo with the Nikon D500 and Nikon’s Nikkor 200 to 500 lens. Considering my physical health. I did fair. While for now it is a keeper hopefully soon I will have a lot better photos of the Bald Headed Eagle and this one will only be seen in my accomplishments notebook.

Note to myself: this proves you should always have a camera within arms reach. Also proves that because you can’t always carry around all your photo equipment probably the shot you take you will wish for a different lens or camera. You have to make do with what is available. Finally, keep taking notes and review them every day. Yep the old Boy Scout saying is still true: “Be Prepared.”

Okay about my health

A few post back I mentioned that I was going to use this blog to inform people about my battle with my neurological problems. People told me it would be therapeutic and I thought it would be neat if my words would help others who are experiencing similar problems. Well that is not going to happen. I’m just too uncomfortable writing about myself. Probably my friends advice would be a good idea for others, It is just not my cup of tea. I will mention from time to time how my illness is affecting my photography but that is about it. This blog is about my love of photography and hopefully some of my posts will show that and be helpful to others in that regard. That is all for now. Thank You, Craig Getchius

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