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Catching Up

Darn, between photo assignment, reorganizing my workflows and home repairs I haven’t had much time to blog or catch up on all the other bloggers out there.  I promise to do some catching up and do some serious reading over the weekend.

There is good news in my part of the world.  The road damage caused by the flooding is being repaired and now it only takes me a little over an hour to get to Estes Park.  I met a woman who lives in Big Thompson Canyon and she is able to get in and out at certain times of the day.  But the canyon is not open to the public.  That just might happen sometime in December.  Keep your fingers cross.

I also have been doing some Photoshop experimenting.  The two photos below are a result of my experimentation.  Yep, for you Photoshop gurus I used layers, masks and for one a blur effect.  I not sure if I like the photos because of the a process I created or because I feel they are interesting.  It usually takes me a week or so to decide if a photo is a keeper or not.


Fort Collins, Colorado Area


Same photo as previous without crop and blur effect.

Thanks for stopping by. – CLG

PS  I have edited this post three times now.  I give up. So pardon my grammatical errors. It is just one of those days.

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Craig has been a professional photographer for over forty years. His photos have been shown and purchased in four continents, North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Just recently his wife April has joined C. L. Getchius Photography. A quote from Craig and April: “Even after all these years we are learning and are excited about what we will discover and witness with each new day.”


    • Well thank you my photo groupie. It looks like I will have my work done by the end of the afternoon and come a little after five we can do a little happy hour in downtown Fort Collins.

  1. Barb M says

    Hey Craig,
    These are very different for you! I think I like the cropped version. To me, I find that the trees balance out nicely for my eyes and I like the darker patch in the clouds. Nice experimentation 🙂

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