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Practicing “Nature’s Abstracts and Reflections”

Well, with all the flood damage that has occurred to our roads and communities in Colorado I have been staying pretty close to home in Fort Collins.  What is so great about Larimer County and the Fort Collins area is all the open spaces.  Yep, there are plenty of places to get away from people and just walk.  In doing so I have returned to a project I have been working on for sometime.  The project ‘s names is “Nature’s Abstracts and Reflections”.

It is my hope that in about a year to actually have an exhibit of photos from my collection of “Nature’s Abstracts and Reflections”  In doing such a project you end up experimenting a lot.  Photographically and in post processioning I end up going in all sorts of different directions.  Which means over the years I have created a lot of ugly captures and way to many “so so” photographs.  Yep there is a lot of deleting when I attempt to create such photos.  There is also a lot of photographs that I have created that I end up scratching my head and wondering is this art or is it garbage.

Below is an example of what happens when I spend an hour shooting abstracts and reflections and using a little creative post processing.  To be honest I don’t know if in the end if I will keep any of these photos.  What I have discovered when doing this type of photography what looks cool to the eye right away ends up looking nondescript or blasé over a period of time.  Also, I have discovered that photos that at first that just seem weird or amateurish over a period of time have an artistic growth that has me keep retuning to and enjoying.

I don’t know if any of the above really makes sense to anyone but me.  But hey, at least I’m trying to explain what is going on in my photographic section of my brain.  All these photos with the exception of one was taken within an hours times at Fossil Creek Reservoir, located in Fort Collins, Colorado.  As of this time I have no idea if I will keep any of them.  I hope you find this interesting. – CLG


Algae in water.  – CLG


Floating stones and tree Reflection – CLG


Typical morning light and sky reflection on water. – CLG


Algae in and on water. – CLG


Plants and algae.  Yes that is my reflection.  – CLG


  1. Barb M says

    Hi Craig,
    Wow, I really like these abstracts! They are beautiful! Makes me want to try this out myself . I noticed you have taken all your photos off of Flickr now. I will make sure to visit your blog now.
    Take care!

    Barb (from Flickr )

  2. Hey Barb,

    Thans for the kind words. I apologize that I have not gotten back to you (last email). I plan on doing that tonight. Hopefully I will have some useful info for you. Hope all is going well.

    Thanks for checking out my blog. Maybe someday you will do the same. – Craig

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