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Three Notes and Observation

  1.  It’s not the camera, silly

One of the pluses about living in the Fort Collins area is the number of photo galleries that are within driving distances.  As I have visited these galleries I have noticed more and more photos being shown taken with the camera built inside a iPhone.  Nope these images are not huge twenty-four by thirty or bigger images but the photos are remarkably interesting.  A couple of curators have informed me that these iPhone images are selling.  Yep, even in the digital world, the old adage “It is not the camera that makes a good image it is the photographer” is still true.

2.  Hey whatever happened to straight photography.

In my days of shooting film, post processing was all about cropping, burning and dodging, underexposing, and overexposing the print.  Today, especially when it comes to nature and wildlife photography post processing seems to be about, up the saturation, intensify the colors,  removing stuff, cloning stuff, blur this, sharpen that, creating textures and so on and so on.  Photos today look more like paintings or watercolors than actual photographs.  Will we ever return to the image looking like a photograph?  When we look at a photograph in a gallery today or even in a magazine or newspaper we are not sure if the photo is of reality or a creation that only existed in the photographers brain.

3. Hey Craig, occasionally look to the East.

To the west of Fort Collins is the Rocky Mountains, fantastic canyons, beautiful cascades and waterfalls.  Also the wildlife from bears to elk are plentiful. Yep, in a way it is paradise.  But when you drive east of Fort Collins the land turns flat.  You discover cornfields and bean fields.  Sunrise on certain days are majestic.  To the East are small towns striving to stay alive.  East of Fort Collins is like Central Illinois only without the rich black soil.  There is a heck of a lot to photograph in that area.


Looking to the east of Fort Collins.  This photograph could have easily been created from film in a darkroom with stop baths and fixers.  Camera: Nikon D300


This photo was taken near Big Thompson Canyon.  It was digitally altered. Camera: Nikon D800


A sunflower photo.  Just for fun. Camera: Nikon D800 – CLG

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