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Okay Wife, Thank You

Over the yearsI have come to realize it is not easy being a photographer’s wife.  You see, us photographers, correction, I love to talk photography.  Of course it is my wife who gets to hear me spout off about f-stops shutters speeds, aperture settings, theory of thirds, composition and that all important subject, “the light”.  I can’t help myself as a nature photographer I spend a lot of time by myself wander the countryside.  So when she comes home from a long day of meetings and decision making she is forced to listen to my photographic rantings.  She smiles and acts interested but I can tell when her eyes gloss over that she really doesn’t understand what I am saying.  It is not that my wife is uninterested in my photography or not supportive of me, its just she doesn’t understand the nuances of photography.  She likes taking pictures with a point and shoot camera.  She enjoys tagging along when I go out into the field.  She just doesn’t want to live photography for twenty-four hours a day or eight days a week. Confession here;  she would much rather listen to me talk photography than rant about politics.  How she puts up with either is beyond me.  Now back to the main subject, my wife and my work.

She is always supportive of my work.  I am at the computer editing, deleting photos and I give a shout out, “hey honey come look at this”.  She says they all look pretty or beautiful.  She marvels at my talent.  Then when she leaves the digital darkroom I start deleting the very photos that she said she liked.

I make a print and take it to her for her opinion.  She says she thinks it is wonderful.  I set the print on the table, study it and then rip it up.  She turns to me and says “ I don’t know why you even ask my opinion”  I value her opinion but she rarely says “that’s terrible” or “I don’t like that photo”.  You see my wife is a nice person and can’t say negative stuff like that.  I have lived with her for over thirty years and I know her body language.  I can tell by how her eyes sparkle if she really is enamored with the print.  That sort of stuff happens in a marriage that has longevity attached to it.

At times when I am in the field  she becomes “my mule”.  She is more than happy to help carry my equipment on her back or over her shoulder.  If I am shooting a subject and forgot to get a certain piece of equipment out of the car, without complaining she will hurry back to the car to fetch the item.  If it wasn’t for her help many of my best photos would never have happened.

Then there is that waiting until the light is just right.  Yep sitting in the middle of nowhere watching time creep by.  Does she complain? Nope.  She has learned to bring a book or her iPad to use while the minutes pass by.

When I get a new piece of equipment who is my model that I make all my photographic test with. Yep, it is my wife.  That woman has had more flashes go off in front of her face than even the most famous movie star.

If you have been following this blog you will notice that during the last two or three post that after the post has been posted they will get corrected.  Misspelled words will disappear. Punctuation will improve and so on.  Well, that is my wife.  You see when I write something I read it like I thought it and not what was actually written. Thank you wife for making me look a little better than what I really am.  But this post is dedicated to you, my April.  Don’t worry about the grammar.  That is not important.  You being you is what I am celebrating here. Thank you for being there for me.  CLG


That is my wife waiting while I do a little photography.  In a later post I plan on doing a more comical essay on “Photographers Wives”  So stay in touch .


    • Hey Julieanna thanks for checking out my photography. Obviously I need a blog editor but after about five correction after I posted it seems kind of okay. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Julieanna she is a young up and coming photographer in the Fort Collins area. You can checkout her website by going here: http://www.julieannadphotography.com

  1. April says

    You make my life fun, interesting and make me smile. Thanks for dragging me along to some of the most beautiful places on earth. Love ya.

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