Boulder Falls


Boulder Falls in mid-morning. CLG

Well, this weekend I once again found myself in the Boulder, CO area. It was a weekend of leisure and relaxation. My wife and I had a fantastic dinner at Boulder Cork. The Cork is a little expensive but it is one of those restaurants that the chef works for you and the food was exceptional. I highly recommend it and I know for a fact that I will be returning to this restaurant as often as possible.

The photographic part of the weekend took place at Boulder Falls. Unfortunately I didn’t get to the falls until well after the sun had risen. The light by then was a little harsh so I made the decision to photograph the falls knowing that the final images would be HDR.  I am not real big on using HDR for scenic photography but in this case I think it turned out okay.

If you want to checkout Boulder Falls just go west on Canyon Road and it will be about eleven miles outside of town on the right hand side. It is just a short walk to the falls, maybe a little over a hundred yards. I do recommend wearing hiking shoes. Even though it is a short trek to the falls you will be walking up and down on rocks and at times the rocks can be slippery. It is worth the small walk.

A section of Boulder Falls. CLG

Eldorado Canyon State Park

After five years living in Wyoming I am finally getting to really explore Colorado. Last weekend was beautiful, full of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-sixties. So my wife and I found our way to Eldorado Canyon State Park. Image

The snow was melting which made for muddy conditions when walking around. But the snowmelt had brought to life the small waterfalls and cascades that flowed throughout the park. I discovered over the winter just how much I had gotten myself out of shape. My bones were stiff and climbing around on slippery rocks with a tripod was an adventure. I am sticking to the story that all this stiffness in my body is a result of not enough winter activity and not because of my sixty years of age.

If  your thing is watching people scale canyon walls then you should check this park out. There were rock climbers everywhere and they really made me ashamed of my current physical shape. I am going to take those pounds off in the next two weeks.

Sorry, I didn’t bring with me any telephoto lens, so no photos of the people climbing canyon walls. I have to admit rock climbers are truly amazing. For now I hope you enjoy the photo and short little video of the waterfalls and cascades.

Eldorado Canyon State Park is just fifteen minutes outside of Boulder by car. It is well worth the time to check it out. The downside is it cost eight dollars to drive into the park or three dollars to walk in. I will be back at the park later this spring once the foliage comes back to life.

Both the photo and video were taken with the Nikon D7000 and the lens was the Nikkor 17-55mm. – CLG