Colorado, Nikon D300, Rocky Mountain National Park
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February 2010

Well February has finally arrived. In the past outside of the fact that February is the month I was born I never had much positive to say about the month.

When I lived in Illinois my outlook on the month of February was I hoped it would hurry up and get over with.  Everywhere you looked the snow was dirty and grey.  Even if there was no snow on the ground the sky always seemed filled with grey clouds that never want to go away. Because of ice patches scattered here and there it was dangerous to walk around.  People would be constantly walking around with the sniffles and it was only a matter of time before I would catch a cold or even worse, the dreaded flu. The only good thing about February in the Midwest was that it only consisted of twenty-eight days (Except for leap year when unfortunately we added a day) and that the month of March followed it.

At least the month of March brings with it the hope of springtime and March Madness.  Yes, I am a big basketball fan. Go Illini!

Here in the west February still has charm. People are out and about. Enjoying themselves with activities such as skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snowshoeing and yes where it is still permitted snowmobiling. In Wyoming if you know the right place to go you can enjoy a dogsled race or two. The snow on the mountains in February looks as pristine as when the snow first arrived in November, December, and January. Unlike the Midwest where one gray cloudy day leads to another gray cloudy day, out here in the Wyoming and Colorada the sun actually shines. The air is crisp with a feeling of newness that invigorates the lungs. Unfortunately here in the west we do have those horrific winds. Nothing is perfect. Even with the wind all in all February in the West is beautiful. – Craig L. Getchius


Craig has been a professional photographer for over forty years. His photos have been shown and purchased in four continents, North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Just recently his wife April has joined C. L. Getchius Photography. A quote from Craig and April: “Even after all these years we are learning and are excited about what we will discover and witness with each new day.”

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  1. Today I wad commenting to my husband how, grey everything looked as we passed through Huntley, Illinois.

    Lucky for us, we live away form towns and the snow around the house is still white- I keep getting the sniffles and I have my fingers crossed against the flu bug.
    Your picture is beautiful thank you for posting!
    Gerardine Baugh

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