Month: February 2010

Yellowstone in the Winter and Early Spring

Yellowstone in the Early Spring If you have not been to Yellowstone National Park in the winter or early spring you are missing something truly special.  While much of the park is still closed what remains open is magnificent.   In the winter and early spring there are few tourists so you can look out at all the vistas and commune with nature at your own leisure.  If peacefulness and relaxation is not your cup of teas there are many other activities to fulfill your day. Click here to check out West Yellowstone. – Craig L. Getchius

February 2010

Well February has finally arrived. In the past outside of the fact that February is the month I was born I never had much positive to say about the month. When I lived in Illinois my outlook on the month of February was I hoped it would hurry up and get over with.  Everywhere you looked the snow was dirty and grey.  Even if there was no snow on the ground the sky always seemed filled with grey clouds that never want to go away. Because of ice patches scattered here and there it was dangerous to walk around.  People would be constantly walking around with the sniffles and it was only a matter of time before I would catch a cold or even worse, the dreaded flu. The only good thing about February in the Midwest was that it only consisted of twenty-eight days (Except for leap year when unfortunately we added a day) and that the month of March followed it. At least the month of March brings with it the hope of springtime …