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Another Wildlife Photography Website

Craig Jones has some great photography on his website. If you are interested in wildlife photography check this site out.

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Craig has been a professional photographer for over forty years. His photos have been shown and purchased in four continents, North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Just recently his wife April has joined C. L. Getchius Photography. A quote from Craig and April: “Even after all these years we are learning and are excited about what we will discover and witness with each new day.”


  1. Thanks Craig and you too have some beautiful images,remember to keep the image simple and love what you do and then it will show in your work all the best and any problems drop me a line

    best wishes

    craig jones

    • I am making the transition from advertising and fashion photography to wildlife and landscape photography. I must say I think advertising and fashion photography does not have as big a learning curve as wildlife and landscape photography. But doing photography of wildlife and landscapes creates a personal satisfaction that I never experienced in my previous endeavors.
      I look forward to following your work and career. – Craig L. Getchius

    • Thank you. I don’t know if I deserve it but I will accept it. I am looking forward to reading more of your writings. – Craig L. Getchius

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