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Autumn in Rocky Mountain National Park

Since we have moved to Wyoming every fall my wife (April) and I take time to drive down to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. She has fallen in love with the park and her favorite time to visit is in the fall. Here are a few examples of why she has become so enamored with the park. Next fall we are going to spend more than a day or two at the park so I can finally really capture the beauty of the season in the park. Till then I hope you enjoy these three photos. When time permits I will upload more. April, this is for you.- CG


  1. Note: Something happened in the upload. Photos were a lot sharper. When time permits I will fix them. – CG

  2. April Getchius says

    These are absolutely amazing. I think Rocky Mountain National Park in the fall and the amazing wildflowers in the Spring in Yellowstone are two of the most awesome sites I’ve ever seen. Of course, it helps to be married to someone who can capture the beauty. Thanks, honey.

  3. Hope you come back and visit CO often so I can see your beautiful photos! Always nice when one can capture the essence of the area. My fav WY is … Teton National Park.

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